Therapeutic Massages

Swedish Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30minR420.00
Full Body 60minR420.00
Full Body 90minR510.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30minR600.00
Hot Stone Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30minR420.00
Full Body 60minR510.00
Full Body 90minR650.00
Deep Tissue Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30minR430.00
Full Body 60minR690.00
Full Body 90minR790.00
Pre & Post Natal Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30minR390.00
Full Body 60min490.00

Asunde Day Spa: Massage treatments 

Show your body a little self-love and visit Asunde Day Spa now! Here at our spa, we will make sure that you receive optimal relaxation and some well-deserved peace after a long, stressful day. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself with a soothing massage, aromatherapy or skin treatments and find what makes you happy when you visit our spa today. 

We will make you forget all your troubles while our talented therapists work their magic on you! All you need to do to get the relief you need is choose from our list of services and let our staff take care of the rest. To learn more, take a look at the packages and price list of our services below: 


Feeling a little heavy with fatigue and stress? Let us soothe your troubles away with a relaxing massage. Here at Asunde Day Spa, we offer both individual and couple massages so you can enjoy a day of relaxation with your special someone. As for bigger parties like a bridal shower with your closest friends, we can arrange a group massage to pamper you and your entourage. Simply send us a message a week before your event so we can prepare the whole afternoon for you. 

Shiatsu massage – R800 

Shiatsu massage is a popular option right here at Asunde Day Spa. The reason for this is because it is an effective treatment that promotes relaxation and works against body strain. For this procedure, you need to remove your clothes. Don’t worry, we will provide a cover that you can use as well as a towel for your bottom half. You can also choose a masseuse that you are comfortable with. 

Once you are ready, our massage therapist will apply acupressure on the pressure points of your body and soothe your muscles from there while also removing any knots formed by stress. By the end of the session, you will feel lighter, more relaxed and happier about yourself and your body. 

The Shiatsu massage method originated from a Chinese medical procedure that works on your chi or the energy that flows in your body. By evenly distributing the energy, it allows you to release stress and relieve pain. 

Swedish massage -R1,200

Swedish massage is one of the most basic techniques, but that doesn’t mean that it is less effective. This is perfect for everyday treatment, unlike other methods that can put a strain on your muscles if done regularly. Moreover, newbies will definitely love this one since it won’t require any deep tissue strokes. 

To start the treatment, you need to remove your clothes first and dress in the cover that we will provide. Once you are already set, the masseuse will start to stroke your back, shoulders, arms and legs to loosen up your muscles and allow you to relax better. 

If you are suffering from muscle pain or fatigue, this is the massage that we can recommend for you. It doesn’t feel heavy and it does its job effectively in removing the tension on your body leaving you feeling cosy after the session!

Aromatherapy massage – R1,50

Aromatherapy massage has a bit of a similarity with Swedish massage since both methods use simple strokes. However, what makes them different is that aromatherapy massage uses special oils that are specifically made to treat several ailments like headache, nausea, sleeplessness and stress. 

Some studies suggest that aromatherapy can calm your brain just by the scent alone. The cooling or warm effect of the oil can also soothe your skin and make you feel more at peace. The reason for the adverse effect that it has on the body has something to do with how the human senses connect the scent of nature with peace and tranquillity.  

Deep tissue massage – R2,000 

If you have a stubborn pain in your muscles that can’t be resolved with a simple, light massage, we recommend trying o9ut the deep tissue massage! This method is similar to Swedish massage, however, it adds more pressure to every stroke to correct the positioning of the muscles and remove any knot that might be causing the pain. During the massage, the masseuse will use slow and forceful strokes for a more effective massage. 

Please note that this massage can be painful at first since your muscles are being forcefully corrected. However, the pain will quickly go away after a few minutes and it will be replaced by a soothing sensation. 

Hot stone massage – R1,500  

Heat is one of the most effective treatments that can stimulate good blood flow in the body. With that said, massage experts came up with the idea to use hot materials to supply the needed heat to pressure points in your body. The hot stone massage is one of those methods that became popular today. 

By applying the hot stone on the surface of your skin, your pores will open up to release toxins and improve your blood flow. The slight pressure from the stone also gives your body a soothing sensation. 

During this treatment, you have to remove your clothes so your massage therapist can place the stones on your pressure points. The masseuse can change the position of the stones depending on where the pressure should be. They can also stack up the stones to increase pressure if necessary.  

Thai massage – R1,000  

When people visit Thailand, one of the few highlights they have on their trip is the unique Thai massage method, which is popular in Asia for its effectiveness in improving blood flow and flexibility. If you have a stubborn pain in your legs, back and arms, this massage will work like a charm on you and remove all the strain in your body. 

Sounds like a dream right? Luckily, you don’t have to go out of your way to visit Thailand. Here at Asunde Day Spa, you can get the same unique treatment for only R1,000. All you have to do is book an appointment, sit back and relax as we work our magic on your body. Loosen up and feel relief flood your senses with a Thai massage.  

Prenatal massage – R1,500  

A massage is usually not the best option for mothers since it can endanger the baby that you are carrying. Luckily, we have developed a way to give comfort to your muscles while also securing the safety of your child. Asunde Day spa’s prenatal massage is made for all moms out there who are battling body fatigue and need a little treat. 

What makes our prenatal massage perfect is that it targets the hips, back, legs and feet that are considered the areas that receive the most pressure when you are pregnant. Some of these parts can get swollen during pregnancy, which can cause severe pain in your body. To prevent this, book our prenatal massage and let us help your muscles relax with a soothing massage. One calming session would be enough but for a more effective treatment, you can book this service at least once every month.

Foot massage – R800

Your foot carries your weight most of the time. For this reason, it receives a lot of stress and pressure which causes it to ache and strain. To treat these kinds of illnesses, make sure that you take good care of your body using a soothing foot massage from our spa. Your foot muscles are connected to different parts of your body. By massaging this area, we can deliver a calming effect to every region it is connected to. 

One foot massage session can last up to 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the package that you availed. During the whole treatment, your masseuse will focus on the areas of your calves, ankles and feet. The slow and deep strokes will remove the knots and strains in your muscles and allow you to move better and gain flexibility on your feet.

Why you should visit our facility

Asunde Day Spa is one of the few facilities in the area that is entirely dedicated to your wellness and health. It is our duty as a spa to give you the best care that you deserve. As for you, it is your responsibility to your well-being to give yourself much-needed care. Visit us at Asunde Day Spa and we will provide you with a world-class spa treatment that can immediately dispel stress from your system.

You owe it to yourself to love and care for yourself. Let us help you fulfil this responsibility by providing you with the best treatments and services. Since our goal is to give you the best, we make sure that all of our products and tools are high-quality and cutting edge. With that said, we hope to see you soon as we provide you with the one and only Asunde care!